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A Darn Mystery Yarn Box

What will you get? It's a MYSTERY! But we're confident you'll like it because this is a different kind of mystery box. A Darn Yarn Mystery Box is customized to match your likes (and avoid your dislikes). There's no "one-size-fits-all cheap stuff we got and are trying to unload to unsuspecting customers" products here! (We know what it's like to get burned by those, unfortunately.) Every Darn Yarn Mystery Box includes at least 2 skeins of quality yarn (more in the larger sized boxes), notions, and some other surprise selected to delight avid knitters. Do we ship them instantly? NO! We need to pick things you'll love, so it may take a day for us to get your box packed...but trust us, it's worth the wait! Order your mystery box and get ready to say, "Darn, that was a good deal!"

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