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Wool & Wanderlust

Wool & Wanderlust Yarns

"My addiction to indie dyed yarns started this journey. And I found the joy of colour, of creating colours, helped me to find my creative self. My brand is about colour, and quality of yarn, I spent a lot of time choosing my bases to be sure that each and every skein is joyful to see, and to work with. -- Lissa Westlake, Wool & Wanderlust

Woodstock - Magical Merny 1-fingeringindie-yarnswool-wanderlustyarn
Woodstock - Magical Merny $25.00 USD
Aurora Borealis - Magical Merny 1-fingeringindie-yarnswool-wanderlustyarn
Aurora Borealis - Magical Merny $25.00 USD
Portabello Road - Magical Merny 1-fingeringindie-yarnswool-wanderlustyarn
Portabello Road - Magical Merny $25.00 USD
Lollapalooza - Magical Merny 1-fingeringindie-yarnswool-wanderlustyarn
Lollapalooza - Magical Merny $25.00 USD
Good Fibrations - Delightful DK 3-dkindie-yarnswool-wanderlustyarn
Good Fibrations - Delightful DK $26.00 USD
Lavender Dreams - Delightful DK 3-dkindie-yarnswool-wanderlustyarn
Lavender Dreams - Delightful DK $26.00 USD
Amazing Azaleas - Delightful DK 3-dkindie-yarnswool-wanderlustyarn
Amazing Azaleas - Delightful DK $26.00 USD
Song Sung Blue - Delightful DK 3-dkindie-yarnswool-wanderlustyarn
Song Sung Blue - Delightful DK $26.00 USD
Teal we Meet Again - Beautiful Baby Suri 0-lace-weightindie-yarnswool-wanderlustyarn
Teal we Meet Again - Beautiful Baby Suri $30.00 USD
Resort Dreams - Magical Merny 1-fingeringindie-yarnswool-wanderlustyarn
Resort Dreams - Magical Merny $25.00 USD
Coachella - Beautiful Baby Suri 0-lace-weightindie-yarnswool-wanderlustyarn
Coachella - Beautiful Baby Suri $30.00 USD
Gentle Rains - Beautiful Baby Suri 0-lace-weightindie-yarnswool-wanderlustyarn
Gentle Rains - Beautiful Baby Suri $30.00 USD
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