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Wool & Vinyl

Wool and Vinyl Yarn

Wool and Vinyl Yarn is a music-inspired yarn brand, owned and solely dyed by Rachael, who started dyeing yarn in 2018 after being gifted a trip to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame by her husband. Rachael's love for both music and fiber inspired her to create a unique range of yarns with a vast color palette. Her colorway lineup is inspired by some of the most iconic bands and includes bright and bold dyes. Rachael searches for inspiration in the music itself, album cover art, and even the artists. She experiments with dyes and application techniques while listening to a song on repeat to create her unique colorways.

Sharp Dressed Man - Classic Rock Sock $25.00 USD
Dreams - Classic Rock Sock $25.00 USD
Blind Melon - Classic Rock Sock $25.00 USD
Brown Eyed Girl - Classic Rock Sock $25.00 USD
Rust Never Sleeps - Classic Rock Sock $25.00 USD