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Queensland Yarns is a collection of high-quality yarns that draw inspiration from the landscape and natural beauty of the Australian continent. With a focus on using natural fibres and traditional manufacturing techniques, Queensland Yarns offers a range of yarns that showcase the unique beauty of the Australian landscape. Whether it's the vibrant colours of the ocean or the rich, earthy tones of the outback, each yarn is designed to capture the essence of Australia. With a commitment to sustainability and quality, Queensland Yarns is a great choice for those seeking a yarn that is not only beautiful but also eco-friendly and ethically produced.
Mollymook - Dungarees Tweed $15.00 USD
Lapis - Dungarees Rainbow Tweed $15.00 USD
Beige #1011 - Dungarees Tweed $15.00 USD
Whitehaven - Dungarees Tweed $15.00 USD
Breadfruit - Dungarees Fine $14.00 USD
Geranium - Dungarees Fine $14.00 USD
Indigo - Dungarees Fine $14.00 USD
Mariner - Dungarees Fine $14.00 USD
Carambola - Dungarees Fine $14.00 USD
Ivory - Dungarees Fine $14.00 USD
Rhubarb - Dungarees Rainbow Tweed $15.00 USD
Victorian Alps - Dungarees Tweed $15.00 USD
Lady Musgrave - Dungarees Tweed $15.00 USD
Hervey Bay - Dungarees Tweed $15.00 USD
Driftwood - Dungarees Fine $14.00 USD
Light Blue #1012 - Dungarees Tweed $15.00 USD
Rosehip - Dungarees Rainbow Tweed $15.00 USD
Wineglass Bay - Dungarees Tweed $15.00 USD
Palm Cove - Dungarees Tweed $15.00 USD
Seaflower - Dungarees Fine $14.00 USD
Hibiscus - Dungarees Fine $14.00 USD
Burgundy #1013 - Dungarees Tweed $15.00 USD
Cherry Blossom - Dungarees Rainbow Tweed $15.00 USD
Alabaster - Dungarees Rainbow Tweed $15.00 USD