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Geek Knits

A perfect gift for sci-fi and fantasy fans and cosplayers, Geek Knits presents thirty inspiring projects to celebrate your favorite genre art.
Are you ready to embrace your inner geek? This fun and fashionable compendium of knitting patterns definitely leans toward the Dark Side―but who says the Dark Side can't be chic and colorful, too? With projects ranging from easy to advanced, there's something here for everyone: sci-fi geeks, dice rollers, and fantasy enthusiasts alike. And if you're less into the culture and just need something unique to hold your comic book collection, author Joan of Dark (aka Toni Carr) has that covered, too.
Inside you'll find fun and funky projects modeled by some very familiar faces, including René Auberjonois of Star Trek: Deep Space Nineand his Blue Box Scarf, John Carpenter and his AsylumComic Book Cover, and George R. R. Martin with his trusty knitted Dire Wolf--in fun photographs by Kyle Cassidy.
Whether you consider yourself aligned with the Chaotic Good or take a more Neutral Evil approach to life (and knitting), Geek Knitshas everything you need to dress the part.
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