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Hidden Pond Yarns

Hidden Pond Yarns

Hidden Pond Yarns is a small batch indie dyeing company founded in 2020 with a unique offering in a competitive market. The proprietor has created a "Dye To Order" system where each order is given the highest level of care, allowing customers to browse and carefully plan their projects without any rush. Hidden Pond Yarns offers over a hundred unique Forever Colourways on seven different yarn bases, providing endless possibilities for customers to tell their own story through yarn. As a beloved and valued artist, the proprietor prioritizes the customer experience and encourages customers to take their time in choosing their colours, confident in the quality of the product. Hidden Pond Yarns is a fantastic option for those seeking a personalized, stress-free, and high-quality yarn experience.

Spice Market - Squishy Sock $22.00 USD
Chubby Squirrel - Squishy Sock $22.00 USD
Moody - Squishy Sock $22.00 USD
Merlot - Squishy Sock $22.00 USD
Envy - Squishy Sock $22.00 USD