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Emily C Gillies

Emily C Gillies Yarns

Emily C Gillies is a talented yarn dyer based in Ontario and Nova Scotia. With a background in fine arts, Emily's yarns are thoughtfully crafted with an eye for color and aesthetics. Her focus is on creating solid colorways that can easily be mixed and matched to create stunning projects. Emily's unique color combinations reflect her love for color theory and her ability to play with shades and hues. She started her dyeing journey in her studio/apartment in Ontario and has since migrated to Nova Scotia to further her education in Fine Arts at NSCAD. Emily's yarns are perfect for those looking for beautifully dyed, versatile yarns that are both inspiring and easy to work with.
Carmine - Merino Worsted $22.00 USD
Deep Sea - BFL Sport $22.00 USD
Halcyon - Merino Sock $22.00 USD
Nimbus - Merino Worsted $22.00 USD
Carmine - BFL Sport $22.00 USD
Teal's a Party - BFL Sport $22.00 USD
Nimbus - BFL Sport $22.00 USD